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Re: [TCLUG:4588] Gnome

It would seem that GNOME and KDE are (or have the potential to be) largely
equivalent in terms of memory usage and speed.  Other than the fact that
Red Hat will be pushing GNOME in the future, doesn't anyone know of some
distinct functionality dis/advantages between the two???

Just for the record, I'm using a PII 350 w/64MB of RAM with KDE.  My whole
startup for the KDE shell takes about 10 seconds (that's with two desktops
with separate wallpaper, two xterms, and the fully loaded KDE taskbar and
start menu).

As a relative novice to Linux, I for one am grateful that we even have a
choice between KDE and GNOME.  I can't imagine getting by with just X in
conjunction with a 'thin' shell.  GUIs are really all about convenience
some of the GUI shells I've seen out there are anything but convenient.

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From: Hans Davin Umhoefer <>
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Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: [TCLUG:4588] Gnome

Not to be left out, I have a PII 400 w/128 Mb RAM and gnome with
enlightenment takes about 10 seconds from startx to usable (I timed this
with a watch). Some one quoted 2 mins for a 300Mhz AMD K6-2. I must say
that sounds unreasonable. Maybe there's something running in the back
ground (or was that an exaggeration).  Anyway, the only real problem I've
had is that the Gnome Terminal doesn't delete it's utmp entry so by the
end of the day finger says I have 11 sessions open. I'll have to take a
look at the compile options and see if I can't fix that.

By the way, I compiled everything from source. I'm not sure if this has
anything to do with my lack of problems but I thought I'd throw it out


Nate Carlson wrote:
> I personally run WindowMaker; it takes about 5 seconds from startx to
> usable on my P2-266. That's only loading 3 transparent aterm's and a
> background, but still..
> ----
> Nate Carlson
> the infinite loop

Hans D Umhoefer (

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