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Re: [TCLUG:4899] Local mirrors...

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Bob Tanner wrote:

> Quoting Chad C. Walstrom (
> > Speaking of local mirror sites, anyone know of a local Debian mirror?
> > Preferably on the network?
> Your main admin over there is anti-linux. I'd be surprised if you have an
> Linux stuff over there.

I'm sorry, Bob.  I didn't clarify myself.  My ISP is Sonnek
Communications -- -- in Monticello (I don't have to pay
extra to get local calling in the Cities metro area by having a local
ISP).  On a traceroute, hops down to, then down
to, and then out to Sprintlink (usually KC, then Chicago,
then out to wherever).  So, when I hoped for a mirror on the
network, I was speaking in terms of my traceroute.

Luckily, is on this same network, just a few hops away. 
BTW, thanks Ben!  But about the Sys Admin at Visi...  He's really
anti-linux?!  That's actually a little humerous. :)  I know of a few
people that work down there that are Linux users. :)  In fact, I've
gotten tech support for Linux once from there (had to catch the right
people, though).