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Re: [TCLUG:4954] make zImage

I believe you're using the wrong file, the correct image should be:
Try copying that to the place specified in your /etc/lilo.conf and
reinstall lilo on the disk (just type 'lilo' at the prompt).
That should work.


Nathaniel Strand wrote:

>     Ok guys, here's the deal.  I'm messing around with the
> Linux Router Project and I'm trying to compile a kernel for
> my floppy disk.  When I do a make zImage I get a file called
> vmlinuz it boots fine but is way to big to fit on the disk
> with the LRP stuff.  I'm working with kernel 2.0.36.  Is
> there something I'm doing wrong to get a compressed zImage
> file or am I out of luck?
> nate strand
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