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Hiii Everybody......

Is there anybody know where can I get the information on HOWTO setup
firewall. This thing is important to me since I want to setup my own
network with Firewall concept, Linux as a server & Windows98 as a

I'd like to suggest somethin' to all of you..... it's about
meeting.......can one of you documented the meeting agenda & put it in web
site or mail to everybody in this that person like
me that far a way from all of you ......for your info .....I'm in Malaysia
right now......could also know agenda of the meeting.
I'm really interested in Linux World and want to know more about Linux.

Maybe some other day one of you want to make bussiness in Malaysia about
Linux System can deal with me.

TQ very much and I'm really appreciate with your help......

OK laaa.....
Adios Amigos
PCPS Team 
KL International Airport