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Re: [TCLUG:5904] New motherboard

I currently have the 1590s and it works great.  However, the only drawback in my
opinion is that the bus speed can't go higher than 100 (this is a problem if you
plan on overclocking).

Just my $.02,


brady wrote:

> Last night I killed my redhat box trying to upgrade the BIOS.  It's kind of
> a crappy motherboard (P5VX-be with Cyrix 200) and though it's been
> dependable I've been unable to get it to recognize over 32MB of SDRAM
> anyway so I'm giving it the boot.  I'm thinking of replacing it with a Tyan
> S1590 with an AMD K62-400.  Does this sound like a good plan to you people
> who build your own stuff?
> seems to like the Tyan boards and it looks like they have
> some over at General Nanosystems.
> Thanks,
> Brady
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