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RH6.0 Network Install on GW2K laptop?


Hmm. This is a bit weird... I've got a couple of old Gateway 2000 laptops
here... one of them has Red Hat 5.2, the other had Doze on it so I figured
I'd put RH6 on it. 

Anyway, I tried doing a network install (no CDROMs). I also decided to
play around with Kickstart. Anyway, the thing runs, does all the fdisking
and installing packages, then pops up the mouse dialog, at which point the
machine hangs - keys don't work, numlock/capslock don't go on,
ctrl-alt-del, alt-F-keys, etc. Nothing. 

So I tried it non-kickstart, and I tried it on the laptop that already had
Linux on it - same thing. The first dialog box after the packages got
installed kills it. I tried being in the system messages screen wh8ile
installing, I see it launch the popups, but then it's dead. 

Does anyone have a clue?