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  Hi there,

I just got an Intel 'Create & Share Camera Pack' (I know it sounds bad).
After a whole bunch of fiddling with settings for it's bt848 capture card
(thing was fighing with the ethernet card and soundcard over IRQs), I
managed to get it working under Doze. 

Under Linux, I seem to need to manually load the modules i2c.o, then
videodev.o and then bttv.o. If bttv.o is insmoded without parameters, the
camera shuts off (at least the LED goes out - I tihnk the card's being
disabled). When I insmod it with  'insmod bttv.o card=intel', the LED
stays on.

Until I run xawtv, or bttvgrab, or any other client that tries to use the

Anyone have any idea?