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secondary samba server?

> Sorry if this is too much or not enough detail. 

This was great. Thanks you so much for sending the relevant information.
I'm amazed at all the cool stuff samba can do. By storing user.dat and
data files on the samba server, win95 almost becomes a mult-user OS. 

This is all very cool, but if do setup samba to do windows logons, etc, if
the server ever dies (it is on old hardware) the clients will lose almost
all functionality. 

So, can I setup a secondary samba server. If I give the secondary computer
and same name (so clients can use the secondary without noticing a
change), will it fail to load if the primary is running? Is there
some setting so I can have the secondary only startup samba if the
primary isn't running? 

Also, if all the clients are storing their data files on the samba server,
I want to have a copy of that on the secondary server. What is the best
way to do that? Ideally it would update modified files only every hour
(and then once or twice a week we would do a full tape backup from a win95
client) Should I run a CVS server on /home/ on the primary and have the
secondary cron an update every hour?



Ben Luey
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