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Re: [TCLUG:6148] Linux on laptops

> Hey everyone,
> I've been thinking again lately about getting a laptop. (This goes in
> cycles.) Maybe my wife will get me one for Father's Day. ROFL!!
> Is there a single laptop model out there, new or used, that works 100%
> with Linux? I mean working video, sound, touchpad/eraser, modem, PCMCIA
> ethernet, etc. I'd seen the Linux on Laptops page, but I'd rather not wade
> through the dozens of entries to find the few that actually work well. I
> think we need a "Works with Linux" page.
> -Tim
Hi! Tim, I have a Dell Lattitude CPi.  And I was actually very pleased
when Redhat 6.0 installed out of the box.  I tuned the video a little
beyond what it said.. I used 80Hz for the monitor setting (if I remember
correctly versus 72Hz which was the next lowest under the 75Hz listed).
The glide point worked.  The sound is supposed to work, I have not
played with that yet.  (also I need to test the modem card).

I have a ethernet card, but it did not come with one, so I purchased
one (that was not listed) so I could force myself to write a driver.

Do look at the Linux LapTop page, it really does a great job of spelling
out which ones work, and where the problems are.  Unfortunately,
with the PCs there is no such thing as real standards..

You could get 1 companies chips inside a video card, modem, network card,
etc..  And the same card, or machine could have completely different
components.  So just be careful, hopefully eventually, they will
have some level of standards in the PC world.

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