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Re: [TCLUG:16259] Linux Internet Appliance Jobs

kyle matteson wrote:
> clay, we already did, noone seems to peruse the jobs list as much as this
> one

Why does a jobs list even exist if people still post jobs to the general
list? I am on both, so I would get the message anyway, but I am against
it in principle (said Mr. Off Topic, talking out the side of his face).

I was going to make a suggestion about making the jobs list more
prominently on the TCLUG web site, but I just looked at the site and it
seems just fine ( Those who want to be on
that list should be able to get on quite easily (if that is the way they
got on this list). Excellent job on the web site! Who does it? Clay?
Bob? Whomever it is, I like it.

Have a good weekend,