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Re: [TCLUG:16210] SGI Indy Picture

>How hard are these 72-pin parity SIMMs to get ahold of?  (That's both
>an availability question and a price question.)  It sounds like some
>significant performance benefits derive from upping the memory to
        well, you'll have to make sure you get parity SIMMs, which'll cost
more; and since they're SIMMs instead of DIMMs you'll pay quite a bit more
for them (supply & demand & all that). from what i've seen, $2/MB is a very
good price for SIMMs these days.
        keep in mind you'll need to get 4 identical SIMMs as well (4-way
interleaved memory); so that may up the price a bit.

all in all; it won't be cheap to upgrade these things, and may not be worth
it (depending on how and how much you end up using them).

Carl Soderstrom
System Administrator    307 Brighton Ave. 
Minnesota DHIA	        Buffalo, MN      (763) 682-1091