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Re: [TCLUG:16199] BSD on a SPARC

>Thanks to Carl, I now have an OpenBSD 2.5 disc for my SPARC.  When I boot
>it up, it gives me a open: bsd: No such file or directory.  I can choose
>device and then I get a boot: prompt, but I can't figure out what command
>I need to use to boot BSD.  Any ideas?
        umm, I belive you have to specify which device to boot from at this
point. in your case, it's the CD-ROM drive; but I don't know the BSD device
name syntax for a SCSI CD-drive. (anyone?)
        you may also have to put in some other parameters; but I honestly
don't know. it always worked automatically for me. :)

Carl Soderstrom
System Administrator    307 Brighton Ave. 
Minnesota DHIA	        Buffalo, MN      (763) 682-1091