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Re: [TCLUG:16210] SGI Indy Picture

David S. Cargo <> wrote:

>The memory place lists these SIMMs.
>Spec    Speed   MB       Price 
> 72pin Parity
> 2x36    60      8        $23 
> 4x36    60      16       $44 
> 8x36    60      32       $87 
>So, I presume that if we have four open slots, we would be getting
>the 4x36 (16MB) SIMMs.  (Of course, that also means that the SIMMs
>in each of the boxes are worth $176 retail.)

Do they have DIMM --> SIMM convertors?  Could you use a DIMM --> 2 SIMM convertor and just use 2 DIMMS instead?  Would the cost of the convertor outweight the SIMM price?  True parity DIMMS are getting cheaper by the minute, just kinda got me thinking.

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