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Re: [TCLUG:16324] scavenging laptops

> 1 - Thinkpad 350 (486/something), DC plug is bad, needs to be held down in
> order to work (tape it?). it does have a battery tho, and I think the screen
> is OK.


> 1 - Thinkpad 365 (486/something), 8MB - bad screen - no power supply for
> it at this time. (it's a 16v)

This a 360CS or CD or E or XYZ... ;)

Wonder how exchangeable the parts are among the thinkpads. Can you get
me model numbers for the others?

Snag more batteries? I have a rather trashy AST laptop laying about,
could use some parts...

I should just come dig through this. Heh...

>         external SCSI enclosure & cable (I have a SCSI CD-ROM; just need a
> box to put it in to attach to my Indy).

Strip out an old XT case? Heh...

>         72-pin SIMMs (parity or non)

Got some parity ones. Was it you I got them from? Heh. My DEC Multia
doesn't like 'em, wonder if an Indy will...

>         IDE CD-ROM drive (don't care what speed)

Got an old 4x I'm not too attached to...

>         linux(BSD?)-compatible sound cards

May be willing to part with one...