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Re: [TCLUG:16719] The NVidia license

> >I flash updated my BIOS. It broke memory detection. I was running on
> >64mb of my 128m in Linux for some time. I didn't notice the
> >difference... Didn't realise what had happened until I looked closely at
> >top one day...
> gotta love Linux memory management.. unlike Windows, it actually *works*. :)

Gotta love Linux memory detection. :P Its The BIOS That Broke It,

For all I know maybe it broke in a kernel update and I was running 64mb
for far longer than I thought... Naw I've been running this kernel since
nov 99...

> >transparency, Trebuchet...
> what's Trebuchet?

Graphical MUCK/MUSH/MOO client written in TCL/Tk...

Or a medieval siege warfare weapon. ;)