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Re: [VANILLA-CLIENTS:149] COW 3.0 problem

On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 12:51:37PM -0400, Alec Habig wrote:
> Dave Ahn writes:
> > 
> > Most (if not all) of the software at bigbang is already available at
> >  I have also been silently mirroring bigbang's archive
> > (among others) at for a while
> > now.  If you want to retire bigbang, I can merge the software into
> >'s archive.
> That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I'm sorry it took so long, but our network has been down for the last few
days due to a fibre that got pulled without my knowledge.  It took 6
engineers to figure this out.  :P

I have merged bigbang's software archive into with the
following translations:

ftp://bigbang/pub/netrek/COW/ ->

Other client software (Netrek1999) ->

Server software (Vanilla, INL) ->

ftp://bigbang/pub/netrek/robots/ ->

Trekhopd ->

tkms ->

Miscellaneous files ->

I will leave the original mirror of bigbang intact at:

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