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cow3 pixmap problems

(I have windows 95 system) I unzipped the pixmaps, but now what do I do with 
them? They're icons are a special kind which I can't open so if I click them 
nothing happens. The icon looks like a page of paper, and in the top left 
corner of the page there is a little box with lines and colors in it. In the 
top right corner the page is folded, like a "doggie ear" bookmark. In the 
bottom right corner there is a big red A and in the rest is horizontal blue 
lines like writing. The "open with" window doesn't pop up so there is no way 
for me to do anything with these files but move them. Even worse, the 
netrekrc has this icon, so I can't change it at all. I have absolutely no 
idea what to do. How do I work with these icons?