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Re: [VANILLA-CLIENTS:214] cow3 sound problem wrote:
> I tried to unzip the cow3 sounds but it has a message: "Error reading header 
> after processing 0 entries." If this is unfixable, then how would I be able 
> to use the sounds from cow2 for cow3? I've been trying to do it but I can't.

I assume the file you are talking about is COW-Sound.3.00.tar.gz.  If
you downloaded it from Netscape it might have already uncompressed it
for you.  If the file size is greater than 1,146,337 bytes then it

You are using Winzip to unzip this, right?

If the file is uncompressed, that is, greater than 1,146,337 bytes,
make sure the file is named COW-Sound.3.00.tar and run it through

If the file is not uncompressed, make sure it is named
COW-Sound.3.00.tar.gz.  In particular make sure the name doesn't have
an underscore instead of a period in it.  Then run it through Winzip.