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COW Ghostbusting

I've been out of the game since 94-95, but I'm wanting to get back into it
for a bit.

I've had problems with almost every other client under Linux.  When trying
COW, I connect - join a team - and then it sends for a small update - at
which point I ghostbust.  Here's the terminal output.

Any ideas on how to stop/correct this? 

I'm playing on a machine behind a firewall.  Is there some port I need to
free up?

[miracle@pallium netrek]$ ./COW.3.00pl2.ix86_linux 
Reading defaults file /home/miracle/.netrekrc
No server name was given.  Connecting to metaserver.
Pixmaps dir not found - turned OFF
Attempting to connect to on port 2592...
Ignoring signals SIGSEGV and SIGBUS
Calling on port 2592.
Got connection.
***  socket 17259, player 15  ***
Receiving Short Packet Version 11
Tried to write 7, 0xbfffef80, 12
write: Transport endpoint is not connected
gwrite failed.
Whoops!  We've been ghostbusted!
Pray for a miracle!
Waiting for connection (port 17259). 

R Jason Valentine			..ooOO

University of South Alabama, College of Medicine, Class of 2001
Alumni, Auburn University