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Re: something

> From: Andreas Bringedal <uunet!!>
> Isn't too easy ?!?  I found Holy Avenger in the guardhouse just now.
> Darkbalde and bracers +4 in the Bakery(The best place in the game)
> In three hours play, I have gained 200 000 exp. My speed is 3.40
> without speedboots. Weaponspeed is 4.09. Next level I get heal.
> When I find dex-bracers, str-gauntlets, str-girdle and speedboots
> My speed will be 3.90. My weaponspeed will be close to 6.00.
> I will of course then have 25 in str and dex.
> And not to forget helm of brilliance and a ring og int/speed.
> I will then have 25 in int as well, with about 350 spellpoints.
> At this rate I will have 6 000 000 exp in another 2-4 hours. 
> Depends on finding the right stuff. But you only need to go to
> The Old Mansion a couple of artifacts. TOO EASY !!!
> Opinions anybody ? Flames welcome...

Jeez!  I don't know what version you're on (I'm still at .87.5) but I have yet
to find any goodies outside of one set of bracers.  I've made it up to level
11 playing by myself, and that took a loooong time!  I've not found any
named weapons, and despaired so of finding a decent weapon that I finally
broke down and edited my character's save file so that his long sword would
have a bonus of +3!!!   I'm playing this game solo, so I know that there's
no slimeball going ahead of me and grabbing all the goodies!

I'm not looking for a walk in the park here, but I think that this particular
game has gone overboard in the other direction.  Yes, I've been in the Bakery,
and I've cleared the old mansion, and I *still* can't find stuff!

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