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Re: The new stuff...

> and the items would be removed from the inventory. The problem here is that;
> how do you add things from your inventory to the containers? Via the ground
> or should all things dropped/picked up be inserted in an open container? And
> what happens if a character drops something from his real inventory? Should
> it go to the container or to the ground, etc...

Forget the dropping. When applying something when a bag is open, mark
the item as in the bag, and take it and put it in the bag when the bag
is closed. This is nice: Just like ^X-n (narrow) and ^X-w (widen) in
emacs ... (Since I know Frank is not using emacs: You can mark an (ore
more) area(s) in emacs and "hide" them when narrowing and expanding
them when widening). 

Could be nice to mark all not werry important things and close it into
a bag and mark all extra rings and amulets for an other ... Maybe the
Mac style functionallity could be used to choose an object and drag it
onto a bag? (Neet feature although Mac-functionality gennrally iritates
me). To do the draging the bags have to be sited in a special place to
not scroll avay the bag when looking for the hing to put avay.