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Re: The new stuff...

>I'm not sure I grok everything that is said about the bags and inventory.
>Let's say you have a bag. You apply it. The bag then becomes your inventory
>window(with the bag on the top(or bottom)). Everything you pick up will
>end in the bag. If you apply the bag once more you close it, and your normal
>inventory comes forth. Do you need extra objects ? Haven't I gruk(grammar 
>aren't my strong side) the problem at all ?

Problem? Now it is like this; a character applies a container and the
inventory is replaced by the containers inventory and a close-container 
symbol is added at the top of that inventory so now you can pick things
up from the ground and they will appear in the containers inventory and 
also you can drop things on the ground.

I was thinking of replacing this method by another; if a character applies
a container the contents will be ADDED to the inventory (possibly with an
indicator that it is infact in the container. A character can only have one
open container at a time. To close it one simply applies the container again
and the items would be removed from the inventory. The problem here is that;
how do you add things from your inventory to the containers? Via the ground
or should all things dropped/picked up be inserted in an open container? And
what happens if a character drops something from his real inventory? Should
it go to the container or to the ground, etc...