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The no-goodies in the ghostpile hack..

My patch, which removes all +magic objects from a ghostpile
has raised a minor burst of opinions:

>   obnoxious.  Why?  Because I believe that if one of your people dies,
>   you should be able to go in and rescue their stuff.
>	     -Eric 

Yes, but *not* if they can restore their character with all
equipment. 'Oh, I just died. Well, you can have my Excalibur,
I'll be back in just a few minutes...'

The best way to overcome this, should be that one *couldn't*
make back-up copies of the save file, but that you could
transport dead characters somewhere and heal them (or cast
some spell to do the job). I think this will come along with
the quest-system. The addictiveness of the game doesn't come
from starting over from level 1 after dying with a level ** 
character. It comes from exploring new dungeons, emabarging
on new quests etc.

Let's keep up the discussion! What do you guys out there think
of the other additions?

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