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Re: The no-goodies in the ghostpile hack..

Mikael Lundgren  <vick@Sofia.DoCS.UU.SE> writes:
> >   obnoxious.  Why?  Because I believe that if one of your people dies,
> >   you should be able to go in and rescue their stuff.
> Yes, but *not* if they can restore their character with all
> equipment. 'Oh, I just died. Well, you can have my Excalibur,
> I'll be back in just a few minutes...'
Absolutely, I am of the opinion though that it's not worth our trouble
to try to prevent people from cheating.  It could be done and would be
a lot of effort.  However if someone really wanted to cheat, they'd
just change the sources.  I'm willing to just hope people wouldn't do
that.  I'd also like it if the game would teleport you back to the
beginning when you died, penalizing you half your experience and
leaving your stuff where it was.  Then you could go rescue it.
Perhaps if you were only resurected until the resurect count was
higher than the level it would bring you back to.
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