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Re: Startup problem with v0.91.4

On Sat, 10 Sep 1994, Peter Mardahl wrote:

> In message <"20357 Sat Sep 10 01:57:01 1994"> , "tuan (t.) doan" writes:
> I have so many problems with 'unique items' that I have undefined the option.
> I have *never* been able to get a server to work with this option turned on.
> Furthermore, I don't like unique items, i think every character should
> be able to get an item even if someone else already has it.  Otherwise
> senior players will always have the unique items and junior players
> will forever be denied them.

The artifacts are in nature unique (and isn't there enough
artifacts to everyone :).

And in practice many person depend things like
keys to own money chest, own house have to be

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