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Re: Stormbringer is wimpy

 well, looking at the polymorph code, this is how it seems to work:

 Mininum value is value of the existing object divided by 6, max is
value times 4 (with it being alittle more complicated for itmes worth
more than 20000).  In both cases, the value is determined by the clone

 There seems to be a 1 in 15 chance of an item being
destroyed by the polymorph.

 magic and charges are preserved.

 The problems I believe are this:  wands/rods/staves by default all have
the same clone value.  So any of these can be transformed into an item
that has a much more powerful spell in it.

 With a value*4, this means that many items can be turned into more
powerful ones.

 Looking at the potion values, any potion can be turned into any
other type of potion, except for heroism (which has value of 500, with
the next cheapest by 4000 (all the restore potions except for generic

 The problem with this, is that the more valuable the item, the more
valuable it could be turned into.  Perhaps max value should be
considerably less (times 2?)  If this was the case, then it would not
be possible to transform restore potions into gain ability potions - at
least 1 intermediate potion would be needed.

 Maybe also increase the failure chance considerably (1 in 5?)  This would
make it so trying to transfer a low value item into high value would be
very difficult, because you would need so many successful polymorphs to do

 Also, perhaps have it so that the magic of the new item is RANDOM() %
(magic +1).  This would mean that the magic of the new item
would range from 1->presnet magic, with it very likely going down in value.

Perhaps also do the same with wands.

 This wouldn't make the spell worthless, but would reduce its usefulness.

 Also, I believe the clone value for rings is the same for wands, meaning
that a wimpy ring could be turned into a very valuable ring.  This should
probably be fixed somehow.