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Re: Some questions

 You can log the host of a connecting player, but not that actual user.
This information is not supplied - it is up to the connecting player to
send this information. (and if peopel telnet in, I doubt that they
will set it.  crossclient does send it along, but it is only a front
end that pretty much does a telnet, and crossclient can easily be 
modified to send any name it wants to.)

 Thus, if people are malicously crashing the server, the best you can get
is the host they are from.

 Scrolls of destruction:  Is fixed.  Here is a quick patch (modifies
*** 156,162 ****
!       casting_object.owner=op;
        /* these are needed for some spells */
--- 156,162 ----
!       set_owner(&casting_object, op);
        /* these are needed for some spells */

 You can either do the patch by hand, or if you use the patch program,
you proably need to set the -l flag (ie, patch -l)

 Infrared in the archetypes would not be difficult.  Another flag would
be needed, and by default, all flags are 0 when an object is created.

 What would be more difficult is changing the display routines.

 (also, loader.c would need to be modified to set this flag when an object
is loaded, and save it when an object is saved.)

 Oldcity:  I was able to edit it just fine (actually, oldcity1).  Don't
know what your problem is. (maybe odd permissions on the directory/file?)