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Re: Death options

In message <9409211410.AA05581@acasun>, Jonathan Roy writes:
>To make it worse than it is now, instead o fjust losing xxx experiance, you
>lose enough experiance to put you back to the middle of the lower level...

When you're level 30, you lose 20% of your exp, you are now level 24....
It'd be less of a problem just to lose 1.5 levels.

>This wouldn't be too bad for lower level characters, but if a level 13 
>guy died, he's fall back someplace in level 12. ie: Death gets progressivly
>more server the higher level you are. (The more experiance you are, the 
>better abel you should be to avoid death.)

Have you GOT any really high level characters?  They really get hit
below the belt every time they die.