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I just joined the mailing list and read some old news in the archive.

I've set up a server at our place and made some patches in the code to make
it more stable. One major bug is the destruction spell. I haven't figured
this out yet, but the server goes down. All monsters are hit by the
hit_player function without any problem. But as soon as a monster gets
under 0 hp, the server goes down during the cleanup functions.

If somebody knows where the problem is, please tell me.

I have changed the polymorph a bit to make the game a bit more difficult.
(A bonecrusher is becomes a stormbringer or belzebub sword very easy)
One of the armoury store is possible to polymorph dragon shield/mail
(unpaid) into some other good armour (paid). This store wasn't free from
magic, so please change this to avoid such cheat.
I've patched the server to not crash if the player destroy his window.

Other major NULL pointer bugs are removed, so it's quiet stable now.

My site is on (default port).
Please try it if you want... and dare... :)

I hope I'll get some answers on my questions (and that I'm subscribed now)


|  Christian 'Mag' Magnusson		Computer Science and Engineering
|  Internet:	Chalmers University of Technology
|  Amiga Programmer:	VoiXEL, HP28S-Com