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Re: player files

In message <>, Chris Hooven writes:
>I have to questions
>1)  Can you make Crossfire look in the $HOME dir for the player files

Yes.  You have to have #define SECURE UNDEFINED in config.h.
then setenv LIBDIR <whatever>.  I haven't experimented with this,
so it might not work as expected.  However, I think it'll try and look
for maps, archetypes, treasures, pixmaps, etc. there too, all the lib stuff.
You'll need either links or copies perhaps.

>2)  If I start the server then start the crossclient I can fine my player
>    but when someone else starts crossclient it tries to start a new player
>    but the play name they try to use is already there.  I think this is a 
>    permission problem? What should they be we are members of a different
>    group then crossfire is.

The question is, "who is the server running as" and "who can write to
the player directory"  You might want to make a lib/players dir.
If the server is being run by someone not able to write in lib/players,
things are not going to work.