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CF: as long as we are talking about suggestions

	As long as we are on the subject of suggestions how about
a command to let a player set himself peaceful to NPC's. I find it very
annoying walking through a bar or the library and a bar wench or cleaning
woman decides they want to step right where I do and the server puts them
there first so I end up attacking them and pissing off the guard/other
patrons.  Then I have to wait for the map to reset befor I can return.

	On a more map score, the signs in Scorn may need to be
re-evaluated.  when I first install a new server I go and play through
the newbie dungeons with a new character to make sure the server works.
Maybe I've ended up at the wrong spot a few times but the hole in the
mountain thanks to the vampires present does not seem like a newbie
dungeon to me.  What level are you guys normally when you decide to go
head to head with a vampire?

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