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Re: CF: as long as we are talking about suggestions

On Apr 25,  5:34pm, Chris Eleveld wrote:
> Subject: CF: as long as we are talking about suggestions
> 	As long as we are on the subject of suggestions how about
> a command to let a player set himself peaceful to NPC's. I find it very
> annoying walking through a bar or the library and a bar wench or cleaning
> woman decides they want to step right where I do and the server puts them
> there first so I end up attacking them and pissing off the guard/other
> patrons.  Then I have to wait for the map to reset befor I can return.

 I'll see about adding something to make them less agressive when you
accidentally run into them.  I think you get one or two chances, however.

> 	On a more map score, the signs in Scorn may need to be
> re-evaluated.  when I first install a new server I go and play through
> the newbie dungeons with a new character to make sure the server works.
> Maybe I've ended up at the wrong spot a few times but the hole in the
> mountain thanks to the vampires present does not seem like a newbie
> dungeon to me.  What level are you guys normally when you decide to go
> head to head with a vampire?

 That particular map might need to be better balance.  Pretty much all the
monsters except the stuff behind the earthwall is very low level stuff.  But
behind the earthwalls, we have grim reapers, vampires, and green slime -
certainly tougher monsters.

 Maybe we should just put some madmen there (tougher then the rest of the
monsters on that map I think), and reduce the treasure.


-- Mark Wedel
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