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Re: CF: Crossfire server and edit help

On Apr 29, 11:49am, Christian Stieber wrote:

> Nope. These things (not complete) come to mind:
> a) don't use checksums (makes adiminstration more difficult)

 And in fact, checksums don't make a lot of sense unless your server is set up
such that people will be running it locally and have the potential to modify
their characters.  If you are doing a central server where the players don't
have login access to the machine, checksums are not relevant.

> b) be sure to remove *.l01 files from lib/unique-items after a crash

 I need to look at the unique item code - this may go away.

> c) put the server into a loop

 There is already crossloop scripts in the util directory that do this for you.
 Also will rename the core files and go to a new log file each time if you are
interested in that.

> As for creating new maps: it takes time, and ideas. Don't add overly
> powerful items. Try to add some fun and puzzles --- there are enough
> "press ctrl key until you reach the end of the map"-type maps.
> I have plans for new maps, but right now I'm very busy with exams;
> and after that it will take time. The editor is not that great, and some
> things are generally difficult to do in crossfire (keep in mind that cf
> is more like an action game).

 Just as a note - I know there are lots of complaints about the editor.  That
is probably something someone could work on without having to know the guts of
the server quite as much (editor is really just about manipulating objects, and
less aobut how they work.)  Anyone want to volunteer to revamp the editor?

> Avoid abusive places --- 100 Jessies would be great to get exp, but
> it would be abusive. If you want to do it, reduce the exp of the monsters.
> This is just an example, of course.
> Be careful when creating maps --- for example, don't forget spells such
> as show invisible, dimension door or earth to dust.

 The doc/mapguide is probably a good starting point.  Actually, there is a fair
amount of useful information in the doc directory - it just isn't presented in
quite the most organized manner.


-- Mark Wedel
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