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Re: CF: incompatible objects (was Re: Experiments)

> Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:
> > 
>  I will note that the big wizards don't really do anything players can't do -
> players can cast spells of almost every type it rapid succession.  To counter
> the big wizards, perhaps protection to magic potions might be in order - thes
> would not do anything against dragons whose attacks are non magical, but big
> wizards attacks should definately be magical, as should most of the dreads.

Monsters can kill themselves with their own spells-- that's why so
many of the higher-level, spellcasting ones, have so many immunities.
It's been this way since I first looked at crossfire:  it hasn't
been a matter of inflation, really.

>  I think that is annoying.  I also think that even the high level monsters th
> are immune to most everything are annoying.  Some monsters can basically only
> affected by 1 or 2 specific attacktypes.  How interesting is that - makes the
> monster tough because you have to have the particular attacktype.
>  There are probably too many maps that rely on making things tough by making
> monsters immune to most everything and/or tossing in a whole mess of monsters

What makes you think you have to kill every monster?  :)  Why *should* you
be able to kill every monster?

>  I would argue a lot of the responsibility should fall on the mapmaker.  No
> matter what we try to enforce via programming, I am sure there will be a
> mapmaker that can bypass/get around it through some means.  So I think the ke

This is a much better idea.  How about this, combined with keycodes, on
Power Crystals?  A caster's max # of crystals will be the number of
quests he's completed, and the max # of quests with crystals will
be limited.  Alternately, we could make the BIGGEST power crystal
the only one he could use.  I'd prefer either of those to any of
the other alternatives proposed.

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