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Re: CF: incompatible objects (was Re: Experiments)

Peter Mardahl wrote:

> Monsters can kill themselves with their own spells-- that's why so
> many of the higher-level, spellcasting ones, have so many immunities.
> It's been this way since I first looked at crossfire:  it hasn't
> been a matter of inflation, really.

 Perhaps not - it is probably more that the newer monsters that show up have all
these protections.  These new monsters may just be copying the original, but it
seems like more have been added.

> What makes you think you have to kill every monster?  :)  Why *should* you
> be able to kill every monster?

 Ok.  I'll give you that point.  But there are certainly cases where you see
monsters that are immune almost everything (but a few attack types), but you are
expected to kill it.

 I think it is somewhat the case that the game is so much hack and slash that
you get more in a mentality that you do need to kill everything.

 I think at one point in the future, rewriting to be less hack and slash and
more problem solving may help.  If people from early on start seeing that you
need to keep people alive to get useful information/finish quests, I think that
will help things out a bit.
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