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Re: CF: Alternate proposal: MARK the power crystals

> Suggestion: have spellcaster classes like mages/wizards/etc. have a built-in
> higher rate of SP regen. This would make it possible to balance out the
> difficulty of playing wizard vs. fighter classes without giving fighters too
> high an SP regen. After all, mages and wizards *should* have more advantage i
> using magic than a fighter of the same level! Otherwise, I might as well star
> by playing a "fighter" class since fighters survive better at low levels, the
> pick up a scroll of legerdemain and start using magic and become sort of a
> "fighter-wizard" at higher levels where I need more magic to kill nastier
> monsters... I'd much rather have the character classes actually make a
> difference in the way you play, no matter how high a level you are.

We take away on the one hand and give back with the other.  At
least with glowing crystals you have to acquire them, charge, them,
and apply them, instead of having them made unnecessary because
spellpoint regen is increased!  Why not just leave the crystals in?

Anyway, in terms of classes, we long ago took the route that every
player is fundamentally a generalist, and what you work on in the game
is what you become better at.  So "classes" don't really exist for players,
or shouldn't anyway.  Instead, different races have different properties,
even though some of the races are "misnamed" as classes.

I don't see any reason why some particular races... such as the fireborn,
shouldn't have an increased sp regen rate, but I think the regen rate
should apply even if someone is stupid enough to play a fireborn
like a fighter.

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