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CF: is there such an archetype?


I'm trying to do something with my map but I can't seem to find something
that behaves the way I want it to. Basically, I'm looking for something like
an altar that can take a sacrifice an *indefinite* number of times, and
activate the object it's connected to each time. Altars are the only things I
know of that take sacrifices; yet on the other hand I don't know of any
archetype that does this repeatedly.

There are several situations where I need this behaviour: one is in a building
where the player needs to pay an admission fee to enter. I know that using a
plain altar works, but it only works once. The doors close behind the player
after he enters; and if the altar doesn't work any more, the next person who
comes into the building won't be able to get in until the map resets. (This is
what is happening inside the Scorn/Navar library, and is rather annoying to
people who can't afford a library card. But now I want to make a map where
there isn't such a thing as an access card -- you must pay *each time*. And I 
want to be able to have more than one player paying to get into the same
place, not have one player open the door and everyone else gets to go in
free, neither to have one player "use up" the payment altar so that nobody
else can get in.)

Is there anything already in the code that does this? I don't want to request
for/implement an unnecessary feature if what I want is possible with what's
already there.


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