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Re: Incompatible objects (Was: Re: CF: Alternate proposal: MARK the power crystals)

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Mark Wedel wrote:

> Raphael Quinet wrote:
> > 
> > I would like to see some suggestions for the incompatibilities between
> > objects (weapons, armour, rings, amulets, ...).  Here are some ideas:
> > - weapons with attacktype "cold" and "fire"
> > - same for "poisoning" and "fire" (most poisons are degraded by heat)
> > - any weapon with more than two attacktypes that sees another weapon
> >   with two or more attacktypes
> > - rings or amulets that are attuned to opposite paths
>  Note that for me, I see the problem more with multiple artifacts used at the
> same time.
>  If you make it difficult to carry more artifacts, all it really does it create
> a need for players to store the artifacts someplace and either pop home to pick
> them up, or just not use them.
>  I sort of like the idea of using the right tool for the job, so I think it is
> nice to be able to carry those extra items.
>  Crystals are sort of special because they are fast repeat items.
>  But in my mind, the problem is more wearing that armor of fire protection with
> the helm of ice protection, and the boots of electricity protection, and so on. 
> Add in the rings and amulets, you can pretty quickly get immune to a lot of of
> stuff.  So I think the issue is more that characters are getting too many
> bonuses (of whatever sort), and not raw number of items.

Hmm, then we'll have to reconsider artifacts like the Ring of Elements (Wizard
tower in lake country), because that one ring alone gives you protection to
fire, cold, electricity, poison, acid, and perhaps one or two other things.
With that ring, you don't even need to wear "incompatible" equipment at the
same time -- that ring in itself already gives you all those protections!

Maybe this is a case of an artifact which is too powerful and yet have no side
effects... for balancing the game we probably want to fix artifacts like this,
so that at least it makes you vulnerable to something, or gives you some other
kind of disadvantage (like hunger-2 or something). And also make it
incompatible with almost everything else, so you'd have no way (or have a
harder time) to work around its side-effects.


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