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CF: responce to no repeated quests

If you shut off quests for artifacts you limit areas for higher level 
characters to go for experience.

Im more infavor of either making it so that the character who has an item 
can't use it or the original until he drops one. This way he can carry both 
items to a shop to sell one. You shouldn't limit the more interesting places 
to go just because the character has been there before. The game is NOT up 
to the level of intensity that allows new maps to be placed every day so 
that players don't lose interested. If there are 50 quests in the game (just 
an example) and you start shutting down quests you soon lose areas that can 
be productive for experience. The next thing you have is a game where you 
have 40 quest,then 30 quests, then 20. It soon won't be worth playing at 
high levels. Also if you think about it, some of the high level maps don't 
work right anyway so you have that problem too.

All i ask is to think about it carefully and not place limits that will hurt 
the game. (I know you all will anyway i just had to put my 2 silver pieces 
in). I don't know many characters that go around carrying 2 of the same 
artifacts, with the limits of strength this is impractical. As far as the 
crystal goes, how about we make several versions Maybe a diamond crystal, an 
emerald crystal, a saphire crystal....  we can give them different sp 
values. This way we spell casters can carry multiple crystals but if we 
carry 2 of the same they cancel each other out until we drop one.

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