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CF: New to list, feedback for these proposals?


    I've been playing crossfire and exploring the possibilities of crossedit
and various new spells and artifacts for a while, but I've just now gotten
around to joining the mailing list.  I'm interested in making some
contributions.  I have lots of ideas, some easy to implement, and some not. 
I'm willing to do the coding for any of these, but before I jump in, I want
to know that I'm not duplicating someone else's effort or adding to
something that is scheduled to be replaced soon.  If there's any particular
reason these additions would be a bad idea, please let me know before I
spend too much time on them.

    This idea I haven't really thought out enough yet, but I intend to
explore the possibilities further.  A character could be created with
psionics skill (as a new "psionic" class) but it should be very difficult to
acquire psionics within the game.  (Somewhat like meditation.)  Individual
psionic powers should probably also be harder to acquire than spells or
prayers, but if there were enough various powers, that need not be the case.
    I'm guessing it would be a lot more trouble than it's worth to add a
third type of spell points.  Alternatives I've considered include not using
any points (requires all powers to be rather weak), drawing from HP and SP
equally, or spending INT directly (requires regenerating it, perhaps with a
short-duration INT-1 spell, but allows for very potent powers).  Any other
ideas, comments, suggestions?

Additional methods of artifact creation:
- Improve Weapon Accuracy
  adds +3 wc
  sacrifice n rings (wc+1), where n is twice current enchantment level
- Ignite Weapon
  adds attacktype: fire, prot: cold, if weapon is not AT_COLD already
  sacrifice n potions of dragon breath
- Chill Weapon
  adds attacktype: cold, prot: fire, if weapon is not AT_FIRE already
  sacrifice n potions of cold fire
- Electrify Weapon
  adds attacktype: electricity
  sacrifice n 
- Prepare Missile Weapon         (see Prepare Weapon)
- Enchant Missile Weapon         (see Enchant Weapon)
- Quicken Missile Weapon         (multiply current speed by 66%)
- Aim Missile Weapon             (see Improve Weapon Accuracy above)
- Strengthen Missile Weapon      (see Improve Weapon Damage)
- Lower Missile Weapon Weight    (see Lower Weapon Weight)
- Lower Armour Weight            (see Lower Weapon Weight)
- Improve Armour Mobility        (multiply current max speed by 133%)

Very powerful enhancements (potentially) - if implemented, should be
high-level quest items
- Bejewel Weapon
  sacrifice any ring or amulet
  AND gems of Exceptional Beauty worth twice the value of the magical gem
  the weapon gains the magical properties of the sacrificed ring or amulet
- Bejewel Armor
  same as above, but armor's value must already be greater than item's
  (suggestion: use this with amulet (reflect missiles) and amulet (reflect
spells) but not amulet (lifesaving)!)

Xebinon, God of Magic:
    Mages start with praying and priests start with spellcasting, so is
there any reason not to have a God of Magic?  It seems to me that a god of
Magic would be a pretty obvious addition to this system.  In my own
pantheon, the god of Magic and Logic is called Xebinon, the Grey Wanderer,
and I would describe him thus:

Warning: Don't try this at home, boys and girls.  I have not play-tested
this yet.  It is a bit too extreme and probably very unbalanced.  I'll
probably add it in and start playing around with it some time soon.

Object Xebinon
other_arch para_lightning
type 50
title Ruggilli           ;the closest there is to a god of chaos
face wizard_yellow.151   ;wizard_grey.151
race elementals          ; why aren't these a race yet?
slaying beholder, dread, skull  ;magic-proof spellcasters: a mage's nemesis
animation wizard_yellow  ;wizard_grey
is_animated 1
monster 1
alive 1
Str 30
Con 30
Dex 30
Int 30
Wis 30
Pow 30
attacktype 18464    ;confusion, slow, fear - add "psionic" if/when created
path_attuned 107520 ;turning, mind, information, transferrence
path_denied 0       ;none - how could a god of Magic _deny_ spells?
path_repelled 2560  ;detonation, creation - they're too physical
immune 280610       ;magic, confusion, slow, fear, chaos - and "psionic"
protected 266274    ;magic, confusion, paralyze, chaos - and "psionic"
vulnerable 1        ;low armor + vuln: physical should balance the bonuses
ac -5
wc 1
hp 300
dam 30
last_sp 2           ;+2 mana regeneration
last_grace 1        ;+1 grace regeneration
level 15
speed 0.42          ;the advantage of light armor & weapons
can_cast_spell 1
can_use_weapon 1    ;"can_wield_material 189" - no iron, stone, or
can_use_armour 1    ;"can_wear_material 189" - no iron, stone, or adamantite
the Grey Wanderer, the supreme Archmage, source of mana, controller of
embodiment of Mind
exp 1
weight 1
editable 0

            -Dave Noelle,       
            -the Villa Straylight,
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