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Re: CF: New to list, feedback for these proposals?

David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:
> Psionics:
>     This idea I haven't really thought out enough yet, but I intend to
> explore the possibilities further.  A character could be created with
> psionics skill (as a new "psionic" class) but it should be very difficult to
> acquire psionics within the game.  (Somewhat like meditation.)  Individual
> psionic powers should probably also be harder to acquire than spells or
> prayers, but if there were enough various powers, that need not be the case.

 I'm not sure the desire/need to add this.  It seems that you could start
finding all sorts of somewhat esoteric/specialized features.  I don't really see
much of a need for a third type of spell system (if your going to do that, you
could also add dark magic or other forms of magic.)  If anything, perhaps
specialzing the spells somewhat.

 For example, maybe have some spells only usuable if the character is actually
aligned in that spell path (currently, a generalist spell caster can get all
available spells).  For psionic type spells, this could be a mental spellpath or
the like (and a simple method if you really want to isolate it would be to deny
all the other spell paths for someone getting that skill.

> Additional methods of artifact creation:

 Arguable one of the bigger play balance issue is giving players direct
and specific control of item improvement.  Games like nethack give some
more general control, and have chance of weapon destruction.  In crossfire,
 a player can know exactly how many times they can improve a weapon (no
chance of destruction), and can almost improve the item exactly how they want.

 Over the past several years, crossfire has slowly been weakening the
improvement scrolls.  I would argue that they should probably be removed
all together (except perhaps very basic ones) and instead move the improvement
code into internal/special objects (altars, perhaps special
things at the end of quests (pool of hellfire or something where you put
the sword in it and get some benefit) and so on.)

> Xebinon, God of Magic:
>     Mages start with praying and priests start with spellcasting, so is
> there any reason not to have a God of Magic?  It seems to me that a god of
> Magic would be a pretty obvious addition to this system.  In my own
> pantheon, the god of Magic and Logic is called Xebinon, the Grey Wanderer,
> and I would describe him thus:

 There is certainly room for more gods.  What someone really needs to do is
write a creation epic of the crossfire world and the gods therein.  This will
add a lot to the atmosphere of the game, but will also include the
temperment of the gods and their interests.  Or the other option is to just use
an existing mythos and use those for the crossfire gods (at least in that case,
a creation story is not needed, players will already have some familiarity of
the gods, and all the general tales are in the public domain so there isn't a
big concern there).
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