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Re: CF: Alchemy Spoiler

Raphael Quinet wrote:

> The experience gain is also something that should be fixed.  I just
> had a quick look at the code in server/alchemy.c and I see that the
> experience is given by the square (!) of the number of objects in the
> cauldron times the value of calc_skill_exp(), the latter being based
> on the level of the object and your current level.

 As someone said, program assumed values should really be removed.  The
proper/better solution for this would be to add an exp_gain value to the
formulae file that determines the gain.  No room for abuse.

 It could probably also be argued that only the defined formulaes should really
work, and anything else may yield 'gunk' of little value.

 The bigger problem with alchemy is that it is much more player knowledge and
not character knowledge - a player can use all the recipes he learned while
playing a previous character.  It would be nice to somehow tie it more to the
character - recipes books of the like which if the player has, increases the
chances.  If this could be extended even more to allow map makers to create new
recipes, that would be even better.
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