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Re: CF: Are these bugs?

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Mark Wedel wrote:

>  On the other hand, undead are supernatural in nature (much more so than things
> like goblins, orcs, and most other creatures), so it makes some sense that
> certain things are likely to repel them (vampires shy away from crosses).  Is
> there an animate dead spell in cf?  If not, there probably should be, otherwise
> where are all these undead coming from? (animate dead could also be an
> interesting way to use corpses).

I'm thinking of making a quest that gives the alchemical formula for "zombie
potions" -- something to animate corpses with... :-) Any ideas/suggestions?

> > 4) Pupland Raffle 2
>  I believe this is a map that requires multiple players to successfully complete
> - that is a feature.  Unfortunately, it can make things tough if you are one
> player.

Hmm, at least this should be stated up front?? Say on a sign, or something, so
that daft single players like me won't keep trying to complete the quest and
getting frustrated? In fact, I'm finding out that some maps in Pupland
definitely require multiple players... the problem being that none of them are
clearly stated to be so, and ends up being rather frustrating. Of course,
then sometimes I "cheat" by logging on multiple times with different
characters and "coordinate" them to do what is necessary. :-P


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