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Re: CF: Are these bugs?

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:

> Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:
> > I'm thinking of making a quest that gives the alchemical formula for "zombie
> > potions" -- something to animate corpses with... :-) Any ideas/suggestions?
> > 
>     I like the idea of an Animate Dead spell.  There isn't one yet, but
> there should be.  I suppose it would work a lot like summoning a pet, except
> that the casting requires and consumes a corpse.  Generic corpses and zombie
> corpses would create generic zombies, but perhaps other kinds of remains
> could produce appropriate different dead things.  A hill giant corpse for
> example, would produce a hill giant zombie, by taking the hill giant
> archetype and setting the undead flag.  If skeletons and humanoids
> occasionally left bones as remains, those could be animated into skeletons. 
> A powerful enough priest might even animate a head into an undead skull.

Hehe, actually I was thinking of exactly the same thing. Basically the quest I
have in mind involves a graveyard being overrun with zombies, and at the end,
the player finds scrolls containing the formula for a zombie potion that some
grave-diggers have been using to make zombies. The zombie potion basically
works as you describe the Animate Dead spell above, requires a corpse, and
makes zombies out of them.

>     Bones to make skeletons and corpses to make zombies are good defaults,
> but to do this right, I think we'd need zombie objects that define or name
> the results of animating other archetypes.  Similar to alchemy, except that
> it doesn't require a cauldron and it produces undead pets instead of magic
> items.  Of course, we might be better off keeping it simple and limiting it
> to zombies and skeletons, so we don't run into the same problems we're
> having with alchemy.

Well, one concern I have for zombie potions or animate dead spells is that
given the amount of corpses that a player runs across as the game currently is
(ie. a lot of hack-and-slash -- think of how many corpses you get in places
like Raffle 1 where there's a roomful of zombies and zombie generators), we
might make it too easy for players to quickly accumulate a lot of pets. Or
perhaps we can make the failure rate rather significant, so that you run a
risk of creating a hostile undead instead of a friendly one. So, perhaps, we
can have a scenario where a high-level wizard tries to create a skull from a
head, but the skull turns nasty and attacks the wizard.


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