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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Doug wilder wrote:
> Is there a name for the world of crossfire? I thought i might give writing 
> the history a try.

If there was, I can't remember it.

Crossfire started with just one indoor-map (first a simple test-map, then
the first real map, which got extended a few times), then it got increased
to 4 indoor-maps with one-way portals from lvl 1 to 4.  When you had cleared
the last level, there was nothing more to do.  Spells were limited to
magic bullet, fireball, magic missile, burning hands lightning bolt
(magic bullet was the first one).

Later, when two-way portals was implemented, and lots of local players
(at University of Oslo, Norway) started making maps, it exploded in
all direction, including the first town and the first world (the one we
have now is the second town and second world).

I think the first map is still accessible, but I can't remember where
it was moved.


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