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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Frank Tore Johansen wrote:

> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Doug wilder wrote:
> > Is there a name for the world of crossfire? I thought i might give writing 
> > the history a try.
> If there was, I can't remember it.

Just make up a name, I guess. Also, if we *do* come up with a background story
for crossfire, what about those "island maps" like Dragon Island, or Dtabb 
Land (which is an entire continent on its own)? Do we want to merge these
continents into one, or keep them separate but have a fixed location relative
to each other? Currently, the only things that connect those islands and
continents with the "main" continent are the ships that take you to/from
there. If we start to have ships where you can control where you sail, we'd
probably want to have those islands in fixed locations.

Also, we'd have to make up stories for those continents too... or let the
map-maker come up with a story. The only concern here is that the stories
might become inconsistent.

> Crossfire started with just one indoor-map (first a simple test-map, then
> the first real map, which got extended a few times), then it got increased
> to 4 indoor-maps with one-way portals from lvl 1 to 4.  When you had cleared
> the last level, there was nothing more to do.  Spells were limited to
> magic bullet, fireball, magic missile, burning hands lightning bolt
> (magic bullet was the first one).
> Later, when two-way portals was implemented, and lots of local players
> (at University of Oslo, Norway) started making maps, it exploded in
> all direction, including the first town and the first world (the one we
> have now is the second town and second world).
> I think the first map is still accessible, but I can't remember where
> it was moved.

We can even base our story on this "real history". We can start with
(deliberately) vague descriptions/storylines from the first world and come up
with a story of how the current world came about.


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