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Re: Classes and Races, was Re: CF: Alternate proposal

>  Note that the above could mostly be done without mini quests - choose a race
> then choose a class, and the class it what determines you starting
> skills/spells/whatever.

I think this is better.

>  As I said before, race should really be the determining element in terms of
> stat adjustments/maximum stats/etc.  I don't see a big reason why class would
> change that stuff.

I agree.

>  One question, that would make things more complex, but maybe more interestin
> is add training for levels in the game?  Right now, you gain a level, you get
> all the advantages right then, no matter where you are.

I object to this.  If we do this then we MUST have a certain map set
or the game simply won't work.   Don't have a mage guild in your brand-spanking-new
mapset?  Too bad, your mage classes can never advance.


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