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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire

> From: Mark Wedel <>
> Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:
> > 
> > I'd still like the idea of having some (although definitely not all) fixed
> > ship routes, especially if we keep the multiple continents. Like some fixed
> > routes for trade ships, etc.. But of course, I agree that it's more fun if
> > some places can only be reached by "accident" or by information found on some
> > quest. Also, ships with fixed routes will not be instantaneous -- they would
> > simply follow a fixed route that reach a particular destination. And, we might
> > add bad weather, etc., that makes travelling on those ships a little risky.
>  One reason to add actual navigation of ships on the seas is to slow down the
> time it takes players to hop between towns and search all the shops for the good
> items.
>  This can obviously be done by fixed routes, but if the player just sits there
> for a few minutes as the ship moves around, that would be pretty boring on the
> players part - especially if they have already seen that journey.

There should be fixed routes since it is certainly reasonable to be
a passenger on a ship.  Such trips should cost money (have fares) with longer
trips costing more.  Some places should require hiring a ship (ie costing a
whole lot of money) as there are political reasons (towns at war) which
prevent normal trade.  And some places should require navigating a boat
as the destination is to a place where no one sane would go or isn't known
or whatever.


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