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Re: World Map (was CF: the begining of crossfire)

Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:

> Hmm, I'm playing around with my own set of maps (another `continent' if you
> will, although it's pretty small). However, I plan to have a LOT of quests on
> these maps -- enough to justify its existence, I hope. :-) Currently, there
> is already a small quest completed, plus several large quests in the making.
> The nice thing about having my own set of maps (not bound to the `main
> continent') is that I can weave intricate storylines around the maps (much
> like Pupland does). I plan most of my maps to have its own storyline -- there
> will be only a small number of `generic dungeons'.

 One thing that may/does make new continents islands at least a bit more
palatible is if they are sufficiently different in some way.  If a set of maps
works good as an island/continent, not a big deal.  But there were at least a
few map sets where you sort of think to your self 'this could just as easily
been moved into a main town for what there is to do here'.

 But I think you can also see that if 30 map makers make these small continents,
it can seem a bit like overkill.  Although if they are actually placed in the
world and you need ships or whatever to get to them, that may not be so bad. 
One other problem is most continents have a ship from the main city, which
really doesn't seem to make the continent all that special.

> What is the procedure for maps to be incorporated into the `official set'
> anyway? Just curious... :-)

 No procedure.  But generally what happens is:

 1) Map maker says he has a new set of maps.  Get them at xxxx.
 2) Players play with the maps, give some feedback, improvements are done.
 3) Players or mapmakers say 'this is a cool set of maps, and should be added to
the distribution'
 4) They are then added to the distribution if the map maker OK's it (if the map
maker suggest that they should be added, that is an inferred OK).  But sometimes
map makers don't really want it in the main distribution so it is only on a few
servers and thus more special.
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