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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire


>   <pounce> While we're on the subject of increasing the number of
>   tiles visible, how about increasing the size and color depth of
>   the tiles as well?  What we have now is still intensely affected
>   by the font scheme that used to exist to display graphics.  That
>   worked well 8 years ago, but isn't it time to update?

Redoing the graphics is a lot of work.  We need to decide upon a size
before anyone starts on this project.

First: What screen resolution should we target?  1280x1024?  Let's say
half of it is used for the viewport, that is 800x800 pixels.  Next,
how many tiles should the viewport consist of?  With 24x24 pixel
tiles, there is room for 33x33 tiles.  The 32x32 pixels => 25x25

I'm partial to staying at 24x24 pixels, but to make more objects into
multipart.  That way, the foods etc. will not be as HUGE as they are
today.  Also, some of the old graphics can be retained.

>   I think I mentioned the fact I know an artist who has expressed an
>   interest in doing a rework of the graphics.  I anticipated a howl
>   of resistance to that proposal, and disclaimed it even as I
>   suggested it, but all I saw was stony silence.  Is that approval
>   or disapproval?  :)

I don't think anyone will turn down improvements to the graphics :-)

Kjetil T.
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